Grain mil 370-90-01

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This grain mill is designed for the grinding of different types of grain crops – einkorn, spelt, rye, wheat, rice, buckwheat, kamut etc.

With the grain mill at home you can grind the flour necessary for the making of 1 bread for only 2-3 minutes!

This is a great opportunity to eat healthy and to prepare a variety of mixtures of seeds, grains and flours in different combinations or proportions, as you please – and always FRESH. 

Bread is something we eat every day. As opposed to Asian and some Western cultures, Bulgarian people consider bread to be one of the most important things on the table. Therefore, having fresh milled, wholegrain, nutritional and wholesome flour without preservatives or any artificial elements on a daily basis undoubtedly is a worthwhile investment that you deserve to make. 





Body material

Solid wood

Funnel capacity (einkorn)

500 g

Grinding capacity:





-about 100 g/min

 -about 300 g/min

Maximum quantity for large grind

3 kg

Adjustment scale for the degree of grinding

fine to large

Material / stone size (ø)

Corundum / ø 90mm

Height up to the flour furrow




Power supply

230 V / 50 Hz / 370 W

Size (W / L / H)

190mm x 190mm / 330mm

Made in



24 months

Price with VAT

590.00 lv



  • This grain mill is used for grinding grains and is intended for home use only. 
  • Grinding capacity is 100-300 g/min and depends on the type of grain. 
  • Maximum grinding time is 10 minutes. 
  • The minimum interval between two sessions of grinding is 30 minutes, so that the motor can cool down. 
  • The flour needs to flow freely through the pipe. 
  • Note: Fine grinding is only recommended for very dry grains! Furthermore, grains should always be at room temperature when grinded. 
  •  The mill has an industrial engine, with an overload protection, in addition to being child proof. 
  • The millstones are made of a natural material – corundum (mineral), bonded with a ceramic link at a temperature of 1240°C.
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