Einkorn flour 1kg

  • Einkorn Flour 1kg

We are happy to present to you our long awaited wholegrain einkorn flour (made from einkorn of our own production). 

Einkorn is a wild wheat variety and one of man's oldest foods - the ancestor of wheat. Until recently only archaeologists were interested in it. Einkorn is a graminaceous plant that belongs to the family PoaceaeTriticum species, Triticum monococcum subspecies.

 In the past the crop was greatly used by the masses, however in the beginning of the 20th century it was gradually replaced by conventional wheat, as it allowed for higher yields.

 It is the only grain that lacks human selection. As a result of conducted sort selection throughout the years, conventional wheat is easy to grow, gives great yields and has modified quality indicators. Unfortunately, this process also leads to a reduction in the wholesomeness of food. That is why einkorn is so valuable - the nutritional qualities of its grains have remained unchanged for centuries.

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